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Edgar Whiteburn Makes A Stand

Posted by beckert10 on March 10, 2010

Edgar Whiteburn was fond of mundane tasks which didn’t require him to question the deeper questions in life. One day he saw an ad for a model plane in a magazine and, thinking it might suit him, ordered one for the modest price of $49.98. It arrived 11 days later.
During those eleven days he imagined the new hobby taking shape: sitting at his desk with a bright reading light, controlling the shaking of his hands as he carefully fit the pieces together, the smell of the model paint, applying the decals. He was already sitting in satisfaction at a job well done, his study steadily filling up with fighter jets, bombers, cargo planes-maybe he’d even branch out into cars, trains, ships. It was good to have such a hobby he thought, even divine. Read the rest of this entry »


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