The Bohemian Experiment

The Earthling

Posted by beckert10 on July 14, 2010

Beware those of faith. They are
the greatest of all disbelievers,
for they reject the dogma of man,
of life on Earth.
While their gospels promise salvation, they
smack of desperation,
are but guilt
for being part of
those woes they condemn.

If I’m not inspired
it’s because I’ve been living, have
no time for idle thoughts,
idle feelings.

Let the possessed ones
rule over their lonesome empires of hubris!
Give me chipped teeth and creased skin!
Open sores and mangled limbs!
Broken bones and battle scars!
For I am in a fierce contest,
not to win the hand of some fickle, illusory maiden
but with this life.

Let me crawl along the ground,
a frantic, scavenging beast
fighting to stay alive,
rather than spend another second in some
substratum of the mind.

Give me one minute with a real man!
rather than an eternity with a charlatan
whose subtle panhandling tries to
convince me of my inferiority.

Give me streets that stretch on and on!
Crossed with cursed bodies,
broken-down, rotted hulks of humanity,
deluded atavisms howling at the moon,
streets where widows scream and
bleary-eyed men stagger towards clarity, where
a lost soul is a known quantity
and a conviction is another campaign promise.

Let there be light!
From the haunts that mark man’s sad searches for pleasure:
Murky bars
Throbbing bawdyhouses
Bulging parlors
Oozing dancehalls

Bring forth darkness!
The shadows hide my shortcomings.
I am a man of Earth
who is neither proud nor ashamed.
Such ideas mean nothing to mortals.

There is only the wind in my face
The ground beneath my feet
The spoils of short-lived victories
strewn about me.
The barbarians are at the gate
and I find it assuring.

Those men
who think they need saving
are the loneliest souls of all,
heads craned upwards,
looking for a messiah to crash down amongst us,
meanwhile missing my hand
extended in brotherhood.

Men of Earth can always
look down,
scrape a friend off the pavement,
swing haymakers at those
cheap agents of ego
and connect often enough to resist
elitism posing as Belief.


8 Responses to “The Earthling”

  1. Beautifully written. 🙂

  2. rostafnk said

    dig it

  3. Gary said

    My only question is what drives a person of no faith to do great things? People like Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama, Billy Graham( I won’t name other christian preachers, it seems he is the only one above approach). Every president so far has declared himself a christian. Is faith that bad?

    • beckert10 said

      What drives a person of no faith to do great things? I’d say wanting to do great things? The Dalai Lama is not a man of faith…he is a Buddhist. Big difference. And what president in his right mind would come out as an Atheist in this nation? It would be like saying you want to increase taxes.

      I’m not hating on faith, per se, Gary. I think you missed my point. Your assignment: re read this 5 times and contemplate faith vs. spirituality.

  4. AB said

    Hi Brian,

    I like this part most – “meanwhile missing my hand
    extended in brotherhood.” Could have been from any of the great Books of Faith. I think sometimes the human influence on the scriptures tend to dilute the truest message? Just a thought. Great read, makes one think…

    • beckert10 said

      Thanks again for stopping by, AB. In response to your comment, I will say that I do not have a problem with those who choose to live by scripture. There are some valuable lessons contained in the pages of holy books. However, some people use their faith as a way to set themselves apart from others, which I find to be just as sinful to your fellow man as a great many other grievances.

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