The Bohemian Experiment

Attempted Eavesdrop

Posted by beckert10 on April 8, 2010

The two women to my left
chatting over coffee,
eyes flashing seriousness,
mouths’ secret Mona-Lisa smiles,
could very well be a
photograph in a museum,
to which a patron might think,
“I like it,”
without really knowing why.


6 Responses to “Attempted Eavesdrop”

  1. looooove to people watch and catch their conversations..hee hee i call it human analysis.

  2. slpmartin said

    After I stopped laughing…I proclaimed to myself…what a wonderful poem!

  3. Makes me want to write poetry again… I fail to see now – until something like this makes me take notice – the poetry in every day life.

    • beckert10 said

      yeah…most of these are older poems. I found they helped me transition into finding my voice as a writer and unfortunately, I don’t write many anymore. But every so often there is moment which is a poem and if you’re in the right mood, every moment is a poem.

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