The Bohemian Experiment

Town Crier

Posted by beckert10 on March 24, 2010

Blue-sky afternoon
creates just the right look
with the lines of the historic buildings
the melting snow.
See the smartly dressed townspeople
park their shiny imports
one big, happy family
with white, straight teeth
overcoats and leather shoes
Here is nature at its finest
creatures at one with their environment
blending in seamlessly
among the neat brick work
and prosperous-looking store fronts,
contemplating which restaurant
will provide them with sterile courtesy
menus with clever meal titles.
They walk deservingly down Norman Rockwell streets
the meaning of social contract crystallizing
with each step under the warm sun.
A morning like this is a right,
or rather,
consolation for
something given up by
their younger selves.
It is interrupted, however,
by a bearded, skeletal man
eyes glazed
staggering down a window-shopping alley
spraying vomit.


2 Responses to “Town Crier”

  1. american dream meets reality.
    “fantasy is what people want,but reality is what people need”- once said Lauryn Hill

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