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Sossosvlei, Namibia: A Photo Essay

Posted by beckert10 on October 14, 2009

Namibia 345Namibia 346Namibia 354Namibia 366Namibia 382Namibia 395Namibia 400Namibia 403Namibia 441Namibia 434Namibia 438


4 Responses to “Sossosvlei, Namibia: A Photo Essay”

  1. Andee said

    It just gets more beautiful and mysterious! Honestly Brian I am so proud of you!!!! ANd… Merry Natal Greetings!

  2. ning said

    Wow. Amazing photographs and a beautiful place.

  3. rantingcynic said

    What is this place, the discolored sand in the middle of the dunes?
    Fantastic pitures.

    • beckert10 said

      There used to be a small lake that filled up in the rainy season but it has long since dried up. It is indeed a very special place.

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